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</noinclude>Viridian Forest

ViridianForest map

Located in the middle of Route 2, this forest is home to a lot of bug catching trainers. There is also a large maze in the forest where the Player must go to retrieve a stolen Pidgey.

Catchable pokemon Edit

C = Common U = Uncommon R = Rare VR = Very rare
D = Donator

M = Morning (04:00 to 09:59), D = Day (10:00 to 19:59), N = Night (20:00 to 03:59).

Walking Edit

Rarity Pokémon When? Ev yield Held Items
C Weedle D-N-M Spd 1 No
C Kakuna D-N-M Def 2 No
R Beedrill M-D Atk 1 Yes
C Caterpie M-D Hp 1 No
C Metapod M-D Def 2 No
R Butterfree M-D SpAtk 1 Yes
C Spinarak M-N Atk 1 No
C Hoothoot N Hp 1 No
R Pikachu D-N-M Spd 1 Yes
R Budew D-M SpAtk 1 Poison Barb
D Shroomish Hp 1 Maybe

Headbutting Trees Edit

Rarity Pokémon When? EV Yield
U Bidoof M-D HP 1
U Sewaddle M-D Def 1
C Spearow M-D Spd 1
C Pidgey M Spd 1
U Venipede M Def 1


Rocket Grunt (Maze) Rattata Lvl 6
Bug Catcher Rick Weedle Lvl 5
Caterpie Lvl 5
Camper Doug


Lvl 4
Caterpie Lvl 5
Kakuna Lvl 6
Bug Catcher Gerald Wurmple Lvl 7
Bug Catcher Anthony Caterpie Lvl 5
Metapod Lvl 6
Bug Catcher Charlie Caterpie Lvl 7
Metapod Lvl 7
Camper Christina Weedle Lvl 9
Ash Ketchum Pikachu lvl 12
Butterfree lvl 10
Pidgeotto lvl 9

Items Edit

1 Rare Candy (hidden)

Note Edit

Ash Ketchum can be fought regardless of what starter pokemon was chosen.