Floor 1 Edit

  • Youngster Damian

Raichu lvl 68 3Sp

Sandslash lvl 68 2Df

Nidoking lvl 68 3At

  • Beauty Alice

Wigglytuff lvl69 3Hp

Clefable lvl69 3Hp

  • Old Man Bernie

Alakazam lvl72 3SpAt

Floor 2 Edit

  • Not Blaine

Ninetales lvl66 1Sp 1SpDf

Arcanine lvl67 2At

Magmar lvl68 2SpAt

  • Hiker Denis

Golem lvl68 3Df

Onix lvl68 1Df

Lairon lvl67 2Df

  • Double-Edge Move Tutor for 9000

Floor 3 Edit

  • Security Guard Benson

Arcanine lvl 68 2At

Houndoom lvl 69 2SpAt

Manetric lvl 70 2Sp

  • Psychic Joannah

Hypno lvl 68 2SpDf

Jynx lvl 69 2SpAt

Espeon lvl 70 2SpAt

  • Swagger Move Tutor for 10000

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