This is an extensive list on the location of HM's and TM's in Pokemon Revolution Online

HM CutEdit

HM 01 - Cut Edit

After defeating the 2nd gym leader Misty and finding Bill's book for him, you can go to Vermilion City. South of the city is the boat S.S. Anne, my advice is to talk to every NPC there (it's good training too). After you took the quest to deliver the captain his medicine, you will find Blissey in the ballroom. She will give you the cure for the captain, give the cure to the captain Edit

HM 02 - Fly Edit

(This HM can't be used out side of battle's) Fly is obtainable after completing the Yorkie quest! The Yorkie quest starts at Route 16. Talk to Yorkie, find his brother (his brother is at either power plant, saffron city's poké

(Currently unobtainable/useless outside battle due to the lack of pushable stones)

HM 03 - Surf Edit

Go to Route 19 and defeat Victor. Next travel to the Safari zone and go to Area 3. Inside one of the houses you will find Surf.

HM 05 - Flash Edit

After defeating the 3rd gym leader Lt. Surge, head out to the Digletts Cave on Route 11. When you arrive at the other side of the cave, head south until you have to walk into a building. There you will find Oak's aide and he will give you the move after you show him 10 caught Pokémon in your Pokédex. :DDDD

TM (from Celadon dept. store) Edit

Damage dealing TM's Edit

TM Move Type Category Accuracy Damage
TM01 Judgement Normal Normal 100% 1
TM02 Roar of Time Normal Special 100% 80
TM05 Mega Kick Normal Physical 75% 120
TM08 Body Slam Normal Physical 100% 85
TM09 Take-Down Normal Physical 85% 90
TM17 Submission Fighting Physical 80% 80
TM28 Dig Ground Physical 100% 80
TM38 Swift Normal Special - 60
TM52 Dragon Claw Dragon Physical 100% 80
TM53 Psyshock Psychic Special 100% 80

Other TM's Edit

TM Move Type Effect Accuracy Damage
TM04 Whirlwind Normal The target is blown away and switched. In the wild, a battle against a single Pokémon will cause the battle to end. - -
TM45 Thunder wave Electric A move that may cause paralysis. gwerq
TM55 Roar Normal The target is scared off and switched. In the wild, a battle against a single Pokémon ends. - -
TM57 Hail Ice Hail creates a hailstorm that lasts for 5 turns  - -
TM61 Sunny Day Fire Boosts fire-type moves for 5 turns. - -
TM62 Taunt Dark The target is taunted into a rage that allows it to use only attack moves for three turns. 100% -
TM68 Rain Dance Water Boosts water-type moves for 5 turns. - -
TM87 Sandstorm Rock Inflicts damage every turn. - -
TM114 Rock Smash Fighting The user attacks with a punch. This may also lower the target's Defense stat. This move can also shatter rocks in the field. 100% 40

Talk to the lady at the counter next to the man selling TM's and she will offer to teach your pokemon the move counter. Some TM's like Seismic Toss can also be found while digging.

Other places Edit

TM114 is also given in the building between Route 11 and Route 12 by Oak's Aide if you have captured 30 pokémon. TM19, TM48 can be found with dig. TM07 can be found in Celadon City in Rocket Hideout B3F. TM19 can be found in Route 25. TM09 and TM12 can be found in Mt Moon.

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