Saffron City is located at the intersection of the Kanto cities, between Cerulean City & Vermilion City, and between Celadon City & Lavender Town. This city is not accessible until the Soul Badge and Lemonade is obtained. The Soul Badge is obtained by beating the Gym Leader of Fuchsia Gym, while Lemonade can be purchased for $350 from the vending machine at the Celadon Mart rooftop.

Silph Co is located here

Saffron Dojo is located here, and after defeating its trainers and leader, you will have the choice of reward between Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan.

Services Edit

A move buffer (relearn moves) offers service for $2000 a move

Saffron City Railway Station to Goldenrod City for $5000. The Subway System Manager will despair over lack of money, and their sponsor Yorkie is off on Route 16.

Guild creation for $400,000 (require 100 hrs)

Move tutor Swift for $2000

Saffron Dojo Trainers Edit

Trainer 1 Machop lvl 23
Machoke lvl 23
Trainer 2 Mankey lvl 31
Mankey lvl 31
Primeape lvl 31
Trainer 3 Machop lvl 31
Mankey lvl 31
Primeape lvl 31
Trainer 4 Primeape lvl 36
Koichi Hitmonlee lvl 37
Hitmonchan lvl 37

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