Route 9 is located east of Cerulean City and further connects to Route 10.

Route 9 is accessible after obtaining the Thunder Badge from the Vermilion Gym.

Items: Max Potion (1), Light Clay (require cut),

Catchable PokemonEdit

C = Common U = Uncommon R = Rare VR = Very rare
D = Donator

M = Morning (04:00 to 09:59), D = Day (10:00 to 19:59), N = Night (20:00 to 03:59).


Rarity Pokémon When? Ev yield
U Nidorino M 2 Atk
C Rattata M-D-N 1 Spd
U Raticate D 2 Spd
C Mankey M-D-N 1 Atk
C Spearow M-D 1 Spd
U Fearow M-D 2 Spd
U Sandshrew M-D-N 1 Def
C Nidoran F D 1 Hp
C Venonat N 1 Sp. Def
C Zubat N 1 Spd
D Primeape M-D-N 2 Atk


Picnicker Alicia Oddish lvl 18
Bellsprout lvl 18
Oddish lvl 18
Bellsprout lvl 18
Hiker Jeremy Machop lvl 20
Onix lvl 20
Camper Chris Growlithe lvl 21
Charmader lvl 21
Camper Drew Rattata lvl 19
Sandshrew lvl 19
Ekans lvl 19
Sandshrew lvl 19
Bug Catcher Conner Caterpie lvl 20
Weedle lvl 20
Venonat lvl 20
Bug Catcher Brent Beedrill lvl 19
Beedrill lvl 19
Hiker Alan Geodude lvl 21
Onix lvl 21
Hiker Brice Geodude lvl 20
Machop lvl 20
Geodude lvl 20

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