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Route 25
Route25 map

Route 25 is located north of Route 24.

Catchable pokemon Edit

C = Common U = Uncommon R = Rare VR = Very rare
D = Donator

M = Morning (04:00 to 09:59), D = Day (10:00 to 19:59), N = Night (20:00 to 03:59).

Walking Edit

Rarity Pokémon When? Ev yield
C Bellsprout M?-D-N Atk 1
C Caterpie M?-D-N? Hp 1
C Pidgey M?-D-N Spd 1
C Oddish M-D-N SpAtk 1
U Weedle M?-D-N? Spd 1
U Abra M-D-N
U Pidgeotto N Spd 2
R Kadabra M-D-N

Findable items Edit

  • TM19 - Seismic Toss found above Youngster Chelsea in the north-west corner.
  • Berry Trees: Aspear Berry, Rawst Berry above Hiker Nob.
  • A Pokeball next to the berries.

Bills House Edit

Bills House is a lab, if you talk to him he will ask you to find his book. Which is located under his pillow, by returning it you'll get a ticket to board the S.S.Anne.

Item Maniac House Edit

Item Maniac Guy will buy these items for a good price: Nugget, Big Nugget, Pearl, Big Pearl, Star Piece, Stardust, Tiny Mushroom, Big Mushroom.

Stardust Seller Edit

An NPC that will sell Stardust for double the normal sale price to Item Maniac Guy. (9000 vs 4500). This isn't intended to make money, but offer an alternative way to obtain Stardust for the PokeDoctor Quest. 

Trainers Edit

Rocket Grunt Golbat lvl 22
Hiker Wayne Onix lvl 17
Picknicker Kelsey Nidoran M lvl 15
Nidoran F lvl 15
Youngster Joey Rattata lvl 15
Spearow lvl 15
Hiker Frankline Machop lvl 15
Geodude lvl 15
Youngster Dan Slowpoke lvl 17
Camper Flint Ekans lvl 14
Rattata lvl 14
Hiker Nob Geodude lvl 13
Geodude lvl 13
Machop lvl 13
Geodude lvl 13
Youngster Chad Ekans lvl 14
Sandshrew lvl 14
Lass Haley Paras lvl 13
Pidgey lvl 13
Paras lvl 13

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