Route 22 point

Route 22 is a route in western Kanto, connecting Viridian City to Route 23 and the Pokémon League Reception Gate.

This is a good place to train for beginning trainers.

Catchable Pokémon Edit

Common Uncommon Scarce Rare Members
M = Morning (4:00 - 09:59)
D = Day (10:00 - 19:59)
N = Night (20:00 - 03:59)

Walking Edit

Pokémon When? 
Rattata M - N
Spearow M & D
Hoothoot N
Mankey ALL
Nidoran F M & D
Nidoran M M & D
Doduo M & D
Poliwag N
Ponyta D


Pokémon When?
Poliwag N
Poliwhirl N
Psyduck M

Headbutt Edit

Pkemon When
Spearow D
Chatot D
Patrat D

Fishing Edit

Pokémon When?
Slowpoke M & D
Magikarp M - N
Goldeen M - N

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