Route 18 is west of Fuchsia City and south of Route 17 (requires bike).


M = Morning (04:00 to 09:59), D = Day (10:00 to 19:59), N = Night (20:00 to 03:59)C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, D = Donators Only </p>


Rarity Pokémon When? Ev yield
C Grimer M-D-N 1 HP
C Rattata M-D-N 1 Spd
C Raticate M-D-N 2 Spd
C Spearow M-D- 1 Spd
C Doduo M-D-N 1 Atk
U Fearow M-D- 2 Spd
U Muk M-D-N 2 HP
VR Murkrow N 1 Spd
Slugma M-?-N 1 SpAtk


Bird Keeper Wilton Spearow lvl 29
Fearow lvl 29
Bird Keeper Jacob Spearow lvl 26
Spearow lvl 26
Fearow lvl 26
Spearow lvl 26
Bird Keeper Ramiro Dodrio lvl 34

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