Route 10 is located north of Lavender Town, and south of Route 9. Additionally, Rock Tunnel can be accessed at the northern most part of Route 10, which is right between Route 9 and Route 10, right next to the PokeCenter.


C =


U =


R =


VR =

Very Rare

D =


M = Morning (04:00 to 09:59), D = Day (10:00 to 19:59), N = Night (20:00 to 03:59).


Rarity Pokémon When? Ev yield
U Raticate D-N 2 SPD
C Spearow D 1 SPD
U Fearow D 2 SPD
C Sandshrew D-N 1 DEF
C Nidoran ♀ D-N 1 HP
U Nidoran ♂ D 1 ATK
C Zubat N 1 SPD
C Venonat N 1 SPDEF
R Venomoth N 1 SPATK + 1 SPD
R Machop M-D-N 1 ATK
R Magnemite D-N 1 SPATK
C Voltorb D-N 1 SPD
VR Marowak ?-D-? 2 DEF
VR Electabuzz M-D-N 2 SPD
R Quagsire M-N 2 HP
D Dedenne M-D-N


Picnicker Carol Pidgey
Pidgeotto lvl 21
Hiker Clark Geodude lvl 21
Onix lvl 23
Hiker Trent Onix lvl 19
Graveler lvl 19
Onix lvl 21
PokeManiac Herman Cubone lvl 22
Slowpoke lvl 22
Bug Catcher Steve Beedrill lvl 23

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