Shortly after arriving in Celadon City and speaking to Sergeant Rick in the middle of the city, you will be tasked with rescuing an Eevee from Team Rocket. There is a Rocket Hideout located inside the Celadon Gamecorner.



Jackson Elekid lvl 23
Nidorina lvl 25
Graveler lvl 25
Umbreon lvl 27
Grunt M (yellow flowers) Grimer lvl 25
Drowzee lvl 27
Grunt (left corner) Ekans lvl 26
Zubat lvl 28


Scientist (stairs) Voltorb lvl 27
Magnemite lvl 28
Scientist (top left) Rattata lvl 26
Porygon lvl 29
Scientist (top right) Weezing lvl 29

B3F Edit

Grunt F (north stairs) Sandshrew lvl 28
Ekans lvl 29
Nidorina lvl 30
Greg Vaporeon lvl ??
Jolteon lvl ??
Flareon lvl ??
Umbreon lvl ??
Espeon lvl ??
Grunt F Hypno lvl 29
Grunt M (south stairs) Cubone lvl 26
Golbat lvl 28


Scientist (right of stairs) Electrode lvl 30
Scientist (left of stairs) Grimer lvl 27
Porygon lvl 29
Supervisor Jason Golbat lvl 27
Arbok lvl 27
Drew Zubat lvl 26
Rattata lvl 26
Magnemite lvl 27
Voltorb lvl 28
Ekans lvl 28
Byron Electrode lvl 30
Boss Rhydon lvl ??
Onix lvl ??
Persian lvl ??
Nidoking lvl ??


Black Glasses B1F
Max Ether (2) B2F
Pokeball B2F (left corner)
TM07 - Horn Drill B3F
Revives (2) B4F trash bin
Silph Scope B4F table after defeating boss

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