Pokemon Tower Underground is a VIP zone after completing the Pokemon tower: maze.

It's stuffed with VERY rare pokemon.

Also a really nice place to EV-Train a pokemon in speed, since 90% of the pokemon you will encounter are going to be a Zubat or a Rattata.

The Pokemon in this zone are lvl 10-20 so if you want to catch the rare ones it's recomended to have a low level pokemon.

You can buy TM Hypnosis for 12000$ at B12.

Catchable Pokemon

C = Common U = Uncommon R = Rare D = Donator

M = Morning , D = Day , N = Night


Rarity Pokémon Time Ev Yield
D-C Rattata M-D-N Spd 1
D-C Zubat M-D-N Spd 1
D-U Gastly M-D-N SpAtk 1
D Shuppet M-D-N Atk 1
D-R Litwick


SpAtk 1
D-U Misdreavus


SpDef 1
D Duskull ?-?-N SpDef 1
D-R Spiritomb


SpDef 1

Def 1