The Kanto Safari Zone is one of two Safari Zones, this one is located at northern Fuchsia City. The other Safari Zone being the Johto Safari Zone. Entry costs $5000 every 20 minutes. It is here that the HM 03 Surf can be found after defeating Victor on Route 19.

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Common Uncommon Scarce Rare Members
M = Morning (04:00 - 09:59)
D = Day (10:00 - 19:59)
N = Night (20:00 - 03:59)

Ingresso Safari Edit

Fare surf Edit

Pokémon Tipo Quando?
Krabby WaterIC M - N
Psyduck WaterIC M - N
indugiatore WaterICPsychicIC M - N
Dratini DragonIC D

Erba Edit

Pokémon Tipo Quando?
Doduo NormalICFlyingIC M & D
Nidoran F PoisonIC M & D
Nidorina PoisonIC M & D
Nidoran M PoisonIC M & D
Nidorino PoisonIC M & D
Furret M & D
Shinx M & N

Safari Area 1Edit


Doduo M/D
Exeggcute M/D/N
Kangaskhan M/D/N
Nidoran F M/D
Nidoran M M/D
Nidorino M/D
Nidorina M/D
Paras M/D
Parasect M/D/N
Pinsir M/D/N
Scyther M/D/N


Goldeen M/D
Krabby M/D/N
Poliwag M/D/N
Psyduck M/D/N
Slowpoke M/D/N


Super Rod Dratini M/D
Magikarp M/D/N

Safari Area 2Edit


Bulbasaur M/D/N
Chansey M/D/N
Exeggcute M/D/N
Nidoran F M/D/N
Nidoran M/D
Nidorino M/D
Nidorina M/D
Paras M/D/N
Rhyhorn M/D/N
Tauros M/D
Venomoth M/N


Krabby M/D/N
Poliwag N
Poliwhirl M/N
slowpoke M/D/N


Super Rod Dratini M/D/N
Goldeen M/D/N

Safari Area 3Edit


Doduo M/D
Eevee M/D/N
Exeggcute M/D/N
Nidorino M/D
Nidorina M/D
Paras M/D/N
Snorlax M/D/N
Tauros M/D
Venonat M/D


Krabby M/D/N
Poliwag M/D
Politoed N
Psyduck M/D/N
Slowpoke M/D/N


Super Rod Dratini M/D/N
Magikarp M/D/N

Safari Member ExclusiveEdit


Chansey M/D/N 2 HP
Exeggcute M/D/N 1 DEF
Maril N 2 HP
Paras M/D 1 ATK
Pinsir M/D/N 2 ATK
Poliwag N 1 SPD
Rhyhorn M/D/N 1 DEF
Scyther M/D/N 1 ATK
Starly M/D/N 1 SPD
Umbreon M/D/N 1 SPDEF
Venipede M/D/N 1 DEF
Venonat M/N 1 SPDEF
Wooper M/D 1 SPATK
Tynamo M


Super Rod Dratini M
Maril N
Poliwag N
Slowpoke M/D/N
Wooper M/N

Safari EV Specific Training (extra $5,000 per 20min)Edit

Safari Effort WALD 1Edit

Ekans M/D/N
Arbok M/D/N
Mankey M/D/N
Primeape M/D/N
Nidorino M/D/N
Weepinbell M/D
Victreebel M/D
Pidgey M/D
Pidgeotto M/D
Raticate M/D/N
Spearow N
Fearow N
Golbat N
Jumpluff M/D
Special DefenseEdit
Bellossom M/D
Drowzee M/D/N
Hypno M/D/N
Hoppip M/D
Duskull N
Ledyb M/D/N
Venonat M/N

Safari Effort WALD 2Edit

Kakuna M/D
Metapod M/D
Poliwrath N
Sandshrew M/D/N
Sandslash M/D/N
Slowbro M/D/N
Tangela M/D/N
Special AttackEdit
Flaffy M/D
Ampharos M/D/N
Psyduck M/N
Golduck M/D/N
Gloom M/D/N
Vileplume M/N
Caterpie M/D/N
Nidoran F M/D/N
Nidorina M/D/N
Azumarill M/D/N
Jigglypuff M/D/N
Quagsire N
Wooper N

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