Flame Burst (Japanese: はじけるほのお Flame Burst) is a damage-dealing Fire-type move introduced in Generation V.

Effect Edit

Flame Burst deals damage. All Pokémon (including allies and the user if applicable) adjacent to an allied Pokémon hit by Flame Burst in Double, Triple, and Horde Battles will lose 1/16 of their maximum HP in typeless effect damage. This secondary effect will not occur if the target absorbs the primary attack with Flash Fire or the attack misses.

Since the secondary damage is typeless, it will not trigger Abilities like Flash Fire or Color Change. Furthermore, being effect damage, it bypasses Protect, Wide Guard, Endure,Wonder Guard, Substitute, Destiny Bond, Telepathy, Mold Breaker, accuracy and evasion, but is prevented by Magic Guard.

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