Celadon City is located between Route 16 & Route 7 which is initially accessed after reaching Route 7 from the Route 7/Route 8 underground tunnel.

This city has Celadon Gym, Celadon Mart, Celadon Offices, Celadon Gamecorner, & Celadon Gamecorner Prize Center. 

The Rocket Hideout for the Eevee mission is located inside the Celadon Gamecorner. 

Celadon OfficeEdit

Know It All Man on Rooftop.

IV Checker on 1F (Psychic Ivan).

Items Edit

Soothe Bell from Tiggus at Celadon Office 3F.

Great Ball behind Pokécenter.


Camper Lily Ivysaur Lv. 25
Sunflora Lv. 26