Poliwag is a water-type pokemon that can be found to the left of Viridian City during the night. It evolves into a Poliwhirl at level 25, and then you have the choice to either expose it to a water stone to evolve it into a Poliwrath which is a water/fighting type or trade it while it holds a King's stone to evolve it into a Politoed.

== Pokedex ==

The Direction of the spiral on the belly differs by area. It is more adept at swimming than walking.

== Locations ==

Pallet Town (Fishing: M/N) - Kanto

Viridian City (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Route 22 (N) - Kanto

Route 22 (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Route 2 (Surfing: M) - Kanto

Route 4 (Surfing: M/D/N) - Kanto

Route 6 (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Vermilion City (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Route 11 (Fishing: N) - Kanto

Route 10 (Fishing: M/N) - Kanto

Route 12 (Fishing: N) - Kanto

Celadon City (Fishing: N) - Kanto

Fuchsia City (Fishing: M/N) - Kanto

Safari Entrance (Fishing: M/N) - Kanto

Safari Area 1 (Surfing: M/D/N) - Kanto

Safari Area 2 (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Safari Area 3 (Surfing: M/N) - Kanto

Safari Exclusive (N) - Kanto

Safari Exclusive (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Route 28 (Surfing: N) - Kanto

Mt. Silver Exterior (Surfing: M/N) - Kanto

Mt. Silver F1 (Surfing: M/D/N) - Kanto

Cerulean Cave 1F, B1F (Fishing: M/D/N) - Kanto

Route 30 (Surfing: M/N) - Johto

Route 31 (Fishing: M/N) - Johto

Violet City (Fishing: M/N) - Johto

Ruins of Alph (Fishing: M/N) - Johto

Ilex Forest (Surfing: N) - Johto

Route 35 (Surfing: N) - Johto

Eructeak City (Surfing: M/D/N) - Johto

Cliff Edge Gate (M/N) - Johto

Cliff Edge Gate (Fishing: M/N) - Johto

Route 47 (Surfing: N) - Johto

Safari Grass and Swamp Zone (Surfing: M/N) - Johto

Safari Wet Zone (N) - Johto

Route 42 (Surfing: N) - Johto

Mt. Mortar BF1 (Surfing: M/D/N) - Johto

Route 44 (M/N) - Johto

Route 44 (Surfing: M/N) - Johto

Blackthorn City (Surfing: N) - Johto

Route 45 (Surfing: M/D/N) - Johto

Berry Forest (Fishing: N) - Sevii Islands

Four Island (Surfing: N) - Sevii Islands

Icefall Cave Entrance (Surfing: M/D/N) - Sevii Islands

Ruin Valley (Surfing: M/D/N) - Sevii Islands

Mt. Pyre Exterior, Summit (Surfing: M/D/N) - Hoenn

Route 119A (Surfing: M/D/N) - Hoenn

Love Island (Surfing: N) - Custom Region

Desert Lagoon (Surfing: N) - Custom Region

Amazon Forest (Surfing: N) - Custom Region

Get a free one in Viridian Maze (Kanto), Blue Pokeball on the ground. Randomly, you could get Growlithe or Bellsprouth instead.

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