Clefairy is a pure Fairy type Pokemon. Evolves into Clefable by using Moon Stone.
Fairy Pokemon
Number 35
Type Fairy
Abilities Cute Charm

Magic Guard Friend Guard (hidden)

Egg Type Fairy
Height 2'00"0.6 m
Weight 16.5 lbs.7.5 kg
Leveling rate Fast
EV yield +2 HP


Meteor falls 1F 1R Grass All Day F2P
Meteor falls 1F 2R Grass All Day F2P
Meteor falls B1F 1R Grass All Day F2P
Meteor falls B1F 2R Grass All Day F2P
Dragons Den Grass All Day F2P
Dragons Den B1F Grass Morning and Night MS
Moon Grass All Day F2P
Mt. Moon 1F Grass Morning and Night F2P
Mt. Moon B1F Grass Morning and Night F2P
Mt. Moon B2F Grass Morning and Night F2P
Safari Johto Mountain Zone Grass Morning and Night F2P

Leveling Moves

Start After You Normal Status ---
Start Healing Wish Psychic Status ---
Start Disarming Voice Fairy Special 40
Start Pound Normal Physical 40
Start Growl Normal Status ---
Start Encore Normal Status ---
7 Sing Normal Status ---
10 Double Slap Normal Physical 15
13 Defense Curl Normal Status ---
16 Follow Me Normal Status ---
19 Bestow Normal Status ---
22 Wake-Up Slap Fighting Physical 70
25 Minimize Normal Status ---
28 Stored Power Psychic Special 20
31 Metronome Normal Status ---
34 Cosmic Power Psychic Status ---
37 Lucky Chant Normal Status ---
40 Body Slam Normal Physical 85
43 Moonlight Fairy Status ---
46 Moonblast Fairy Special 95
49 Gravity Psychic Status ---
50 Meteor Mash Steel Physical 90
55 Healing Wish Psychic Status ---
58 After You Normal Status ---


Cute Charm Contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.
Magic Guard The Pokemon only takes damage from attacks.

Friend Guard


Reduces damage done to allies.


The moonlight that it stores in the wings on it's back apparently gives it the ability to float in midair.


- It is not recommended to evolve Clefairy until level 58, because Clefable do not learn any moves at all.

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