Nidoran F is Poison type Pokemon. Evolves into Nidorina at level 16.
029 nidoran female
Nidoran F
029 nidoran female
Poison Pin Pokemon
Number 29
Type Poison
Abilities Poison Point

Rivalry Hustle (hidden)

Egg Type Monster and Field
Height 1'04" 0.4 m
Weight 15.4 lbs.7.0 kg
Leveling rate Medium Slow
EV yield +1 HP


Love Island Grass Night F2P
Safari Area 1 Grass Morning and Day F2P
Safari Area 2 Grass Day and night F2P
Safari Entrance Grass Morning and Day F2P
Safari Effort Wald 2 Grass Morning, Day and Night F2P
Valencia Island Grass Morning and Day F2P
Route 3 Grass Day F2P
Route 9 Grass Day F2P
Route 10 Grass Morning, Day and Night F2P
Route 22 Grass Morning and Day F2P
Route 35 Grass Morning and Day F2P
Route 36 Grass Morning and Day F2P

Leveling Moves

Start Growl Normal Status ---
Start Scratch Normal Physical 40
7 Tail Whip Normal Status ---
9 Double Kick Fighting Physical 30
13 Poison Sting Poison Physical 15
19 Fury Swipes Normal Physical 18
21 Bite Dark Physical 60
25 Helping Hand Normal Status ---
31 Toxic Spikes Poison Status ---
33 Flatter Dark Status ---
37 Crunch Dark Physical 80
43 Captivate Normal Status ---
45 Poison Fang Poison Physical 50


Poison Point Contact with the Pokemon may poison the attacker.
Rivalry Deals more damage to a Pokemon of same gender.



Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.


Small and very docile, it protects itself with it's small, poisonous horn when attacked.

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