The Mouse Pokémon
Number 25
Type ElectricIC
Abilities Static

Lightning Rod (Hidden)

Egg Type Field and Fairy
Height 1'04" 0.4m
Weight 13.2lbs. 6kg
Leveling rate Medium Fast
EV yield +2 Spd
Pikachu is an Electric type Pokémon. It is one of the four starters in the Kanto region.

It evolves into Raichu through the use of a ThunderStone.


Power Plant Grass All Day F2P
Viridian Forest Grass All Day F2P
Hoenn Safari Zone Area 1 Grass All Day F2P

Leveling Moves

Start ThunderShock Electric Special 40
Start Tail Whip Normal Status ---
5 Growl Normal Status ---
7 Play Nice Normal Status ---
10 Quick Attack Normal Physical 40
13 Eletro Ball Electric Special ---
18 Thunder Wave Electric Status ---
21 Feint Normal Physical 30
23 Double Team Normal Status ---
26 Spark Electric Physical 65
29 Nuzzle Electric Physical 20
34 Discharge Electric Special 80
37 Slam Normal Physical 80
42 Thunderbolt Electric Special 90
45 Agility Psychic Status ---
50 Wild Charge Electric Physical 90
53 Light Screen Psychic Status ---
58 Thunder Electric Special 110


Static Contact with the Pokémon may cause paralysis.

Lightning Rod


Draws in all Electric-type moves to up Sp. Attack.


It has small electric sacs on both it's cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs.


- Pikachu is the only Pokémon in PRO with screech taken from Anime series, not handheld games.

- It is not recommended to evolve Pikachu until he learns strong electric moves like Thunderbolt or Thunder.

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